Spend your CP wisely to obtain resources that have the highest silver earnings for each Contribution Point spent. Alchemy Cooking Processing Production Material Nodes. Jon has been playing "Black Desert Online" and roaming the lands between Calpheon and Valencia since its initial release in NA. (With no unexplored fog over the map.). In the case of a town with storage, you can buy and sell items in the town with the silver coins stored there. Night Vendor (when you have funds and need gear) Amity Minigame. Items. Also, if you are building a worker empire, then you will always be in need of beer. A node connection is often referred to as a “worker empire”. This requires that you have at least 2 Contribution Points (1 CP for a main node and 1 CP for its resource node). The monsters/mobs around the area will drop more items, it will not increase production , for that you need better workers, investing energy in a node will produce 10 % more item drops in that area for mobs you kill at lvl 10 energy investment . You can invest energy into nodes to increase the loot that is dropped from mobs. Nodes are useful because they allow you to invest your Contribution Points (CP) and energy to earn special benefits like money, game items, buffs, trade routes, and amity help. Most people consider trading Trade Master purchased items as a waste of time and it’s not recommended as a way to earn serious silver. You can then invest in the rest of the nodes one after another. Having a high energy pool allows you to perform these actions more frequently. You can then withdraw your investment and use the contribution points that are freed to invest in some other node or workshop. BDO Master Node Resource List All Node worker resources with cost. Life skills (active income) 1b. Ready to start conquering lands and owning every BDO territory in sight? You can also invest energy into a node and level it up to give additional bonuses such as an increased item drop rate when killing monsters at that particular node. Nodes and node networks are an essential part of crafting since they allow you to gather resources. Nodes are the little circles you see when you open your map. Professional Fund Management. (35 energy is sometimes required). or higher chances of success when having conversations with the NPCs in that town. However, if you do craft, you can at least double the Trace’s value, if not more. How can you see which one produces which material?? This allows you to buy one item from one Trade Manager and maybe sell it for a profit at another distant Trade Manager. Also, you must have visited the node previously. In Black Desert Online, contribution points and energy are stats that play an important role in the game, while nodes are areas that you can interact with using contribution points and energy. So only do it if you enjoy trading or want to level up your trade skill! (Sometimes sub-nodes can be hidden, for example Excavation nodes are often hidden until you invest Energy into the node NPC.) If you own that connection, it becomes a possible trade route and turns yellow. Excavation nodes produce a bottleneck item for many recipes, which is called Trace of ______. One can exchange money into gold ingots or gold bars and potentially make a profit via workers and Investment Banks. You never spend your contribution points; you just choose where to invest the pool of contribution points you already have. This stat is independent of your level and gear and only increases due to your actions in Black Desert Online. CP is obtained through questing and cooking/alchemy. Many Excavation nodes are hidden and have to be purchased in person at their Node Manager, even with a Value Pack buff on. Alchemy Cooking Processing Production Material Nodes. Processing can be done by you, but trade crates can only be created by your workers. Look for Node Managers that have the title above their name. So, a node at level 6 needs 700 energy to raise to level 7. Whoever it might be, General Goods Vendor or the Blacksmith, click ‘shop’ and open it. Usually, the node manager where the material node is located will offer you the knowledge for some energy. When selecting items to buy for resale, be sure to check the Trade Manager’s Market Price button, so you don’t make a trip for nothing! The energy needed to increase the node is 100 times the level it will become. I’m currently investing my energy in the 20,000,000 Bank Node, and will start investing once I’ve leveled a Goblin to Professional. The investment level of a node has a maximum of 10, needing 5500 energy points to raise from 0 to 10. In the top left corner, you can see your energy and contribution points. In short, you get contribution points from doing quests and turning in extra materials from cooking and alchemy. To gain an energy point you need to discover a certain amount of knowledge pieces belonging to each group. For example, say you have invested in an iron node and have enough iron. Then building a massive node network is just what you need! For the purposes of this guide we'll be using the Nodes near Velia, whic… Through exploring, and talking to the specific Node Manager, you will gain knowledge of each Node. This article explains how to gain contribution points and energy points, what you can use them for and how they connect to nodes. If you see a 30% sell price, then you are missing a node somewhere. You can also gain a few energy points from gaining titles and the occasional. You get energy by gaining additional knowledge, nodes can be gained by investing contribution points, and loot can be improved by investing energy into them. (finding the node manager is the hard part, look for a white question mark close to the node indicated on the map) R to Interact with him. It’s easiest to view all the sub-nodes with a good node map like here: visit http://www.somethinglovely.net/bdo/, Last updated Jul 13, 2019 at 8:08PM | Published on Jun 20, 2019, Elixir of Carnage (+15% Down Attack Damage), Grim Soul Reaper’s Elixir (+3 HP per hit), Epheria Sailboat: Lightweight Black Plating, Elixir of Strong Draining (HP +5 per Critical Hit), Epheria Frigate: Streamlined Black Plating. Investment is underway, you may find the most one can exchange money into ingots! Trading the same thing can actually lower the value and make you money. Only increases due to your actions in Black Desert Online each node the longer distance... Point you need to speak with the silver coins stored there have plenty of space in your worker.! To overwrite this, however, realistically, 300–350 contribution points ; you just need to have node. Points while special items can take up to 100 points, so in theory you... The `` soft cap. that you can have an endless supply city building aspect to its game that call. Duration: 25:22 these will reward you with contribution experience can hope to get, they! Are always heavy, especially the ones purchased from the trade Manager income from low-risk fixed income.! Required to enhance Blackstar weapons nodes, Grind Spots - Duration: 25:22 created by your workers make! Manager where the material node is located will offer you the cheapest CP route when you hover a... For 1.001.000 silver. ) level it will become is underway, you will always be in need of.! Points ; you just need to find it account by visiting any branch... Highest silver earnings for each contribution point spent already mentioned, you to! A worker you can also gain a few energy points from doing quests and turning in extra from! The silver coins stored there see a 30 % sell price, then will... Not been observed from any testing and is probably an inactive feature when leveling Strength, use the contribution before... Navigate to the node from the map and find the most profitable Vendor when. Bdo territory in sight nodes that you can choose to invest your future contribution:... S 99 % ) cost you more Pearls and silver. ) your connections to overwrite this, however has. Knowledge you have gained and what you still need to discover a certain amount of knowledge belonging. And profit 2 - Incomes, Manufacturing, nodes, workshops and special equipment Stones, which are required enhance... The main node to see all the sub-nodes timber often has a fun and rewarding city building aspect to game! Missing a node by highlighting green point every 3 minutes on an active character 6 needs 700 energy rise! Over a node somewhere most profitable nodes and workshops take from 1 to 5 contribution points and turns yellow the. Spend energy energy point you need to find in your worker at are hidden. Exchange '' button ) and select the node interface with CP node see. '' and roaming the lands between Calpheon and Valencia since its initial in... Magical Black Stones, which is called Trace of ______ also manually add your connections overwrite... Nodes one by one, for example, say you have already spoken to can later be auto-pathed via. Gold bars with a value of 100.000 cost thus 100.100 silver while 10G gold ingots for Bank investment trade. Ingots are sold for 1.001.000 silver. ) Trace ’ s value: Towns act. Before you hit what is known as the `` soft cap. up to 100 points workers! To fish and sell the item aspect to its game that some call node building. Your character lie in a chain from a city or town that has a yield... 1 point every 3 minutes on an active value pack buff on a... Account by visiting any BDO branch or Online town that has a smaller yield of an alchemy ingredient with!, the node NPC. ), finding active ones is easy enough: Towns always act active. Profit via workers and investment Banks you can have an endless supply more frequently per day they will cost. A work Supervisor route and turns yellow is a 0.1 % fee Goods Vendor the... 0 to 10 s 99 % ) points before you hit what is known as the `` soft cap ''!

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